Your agile toolbox – part II

If you’re looking for mind map solution which is:

  • web based
  • self hosted
  • open source 🙂

you should check wisemapping. 

Once you install it and run on your machine you probably hit the issue with exporting maps – exported files have 0 Bytes…

There is no easy solution actually. People find this bug, but no straight forward answer.

I’m a big fan of docker (super useful tool – I must write few words soon :)) so I looked up for docker images with wisemapping. This was good direction but took some time to find good image. So maybe this few thoughts will save you some time 🙂

First try:
docker – wisemapping/webapp
wisemapping 4.0.2 – repo in sql database which is cool, but 4.0.2 works only on Chrome which obviously is not cool… For me this was not acceptable.

Second try:
docker r0m1bl/framasoft-docker
4.0.3 – works OK 🙂

But remember that docker is stateless in default so to keep your mind maps you must take care of maintaining its repo outside the container. The simplest way:

1. Put files from wisemapping install catalogues containing initial application configuration


into catalogue you will mount into docker container.

2. Start container

docker run -p 9981:8080 -v /PATH_TO_CATALOGUE_WITH_CONF:/wisemapping-v4.0.3/webapps/wisemapping/WEB-INF/database r0m1bl/framasoft-docker:wisemapping-4.0.3

3. It should WORK GREAT! 🙂

4. But … how to add more users?

There is solution with help of curl, as described here:

In my case I added user “firstname lastname” this way:
curl “http://MY_SERVER:MY_PORT/wisemapping/service/admin/users” –request post –basic -u -H “Content-Type:application/json” –data ‘{“email”: “”, “lastname”: “lastname”, “firstname”:”myfirstname”,”password”:”MY_PASSWORD”}’

5. Have fun with your mind maps! 🙂


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