Reality or “Reality”

I’m addicted to software podcasts, especially I recently listened to this episode –

Wow! What a fresh look on the world we see! I personally find this podcast the most eye opening on new ideas. The idea in short is:

The world we see is just UI (yes – user interface) for us to live our lives.

Real world in fact is for us too complex to grasp. In fact there is no objective “world”. Colors, sounds, smells etc. are generated in our minds. So once you close your eyes there still is something before you, but its color and shape disappear. This something may be too complex for us to understand so our mind creates for us some representation that enables us to … live. This representation is space and time we perceive. Mr Hoffman gives cool example with desktop of your computer – when you see an icon on it, file for example, this is just representation of some complex software/hardware orchestration (resistors, transistors, voltages etc.). So even when you come very close to the computer screen and discovers pixels (us we smash atoms in accelerators :)) this doesn’t mean that we discovered underlying true (resistors, transistors, voltages etc.).

We should take our world totally seriously but not literally.

Remember – once you close your eyes the whole interpretation of the world disappears. There is something there still, but what is it? 🙂

I was so interested in this idea that I watched Mr Hoffman discussing his ideas:

More materials you can find here


PS. Interpretation of the world, its fabric, purpose and future is a vibrant area for past few ears. There are cool new ideas that compete or maybe complement. First is for sure “are we live in a simulation” question. Second, less known, “Consciousness as a State of Matter“.

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