Your agile toolbox – part I

Agile Toolbox Part I – Managing your work 

No matter how good memory you have time comes when there is too much work to manage “in your head”. The other case is tasks distribution on your team members. For some time I was looking for a tool. My constraints were:

  • open source
  • in a browser
  • simple to use and manage
  • simple, yet effective, project management methodology

You may be surprised but there is not much of o choice up there 🙂

All in all I found this tool – Kanboard.

This is fantastic piece of software! First of all it’s based on kanban which in my opinion is very effective methodology to project management. It’s simple but powerful. There are lot’s of configuration options.

Main task list looks like this:

One of the cool option is 2FA. Short how-to:

  1. You enable it for particular user you wish:

2. You get secret key, which will be needed to configure your token generator later:



3. Token generator may be android application (on wikipedia you can read more on OTP). I personally tested this one:

It worked 🙂

Kudos to  Frédéric Guillot! He’s the author of kanboard.

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