Wolfram Alfa

There is an interview with Stephen Wolframย on SEDaily (I’ll paste the link later, as now I’m writing down my notes I did earlier). He talks on Wolfram Alfaย (obviously ๐Ÿ™‚ ), Mathematica and Wolfram Alfa in the cloud. These are interesting topics (for example – did you know there is IoT version of Volfram Alfa, that can be embedden on RaspberryPI) , but for me the most exciting part was at the end, though. Mr Wolfram gives his opinion on:

  • his personal attitude – “be useful to the world!”, so find your niche and do something good
  • schools – they can give you impression that science is boring, whereas in real life it can be much more interesting! The moral is to sometimes try something you didn’t particularly liked at school ๐Ÿ™‚
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence), should we be feared its future development – rather not, AI will be a lot of cool thing, but one thing it won’t do – give us goals. So human will always has thinks to ponder and act and no machine can change it
  • our language – what if some part of people on the planet had totally different language. The language which would be similar to computer programming, well structured. What will be the outcome?

Mr Wolfram really makes you think. Thank you!

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