BM & Zuse

Looking up George Dyson, the author of “Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe”  (fantastic book – topic for another post) I found this video:

Two things are especially interesting for me:

“B.M.” – Before Matrix 🙂 One of the panelist use this in a similar way as B.C. If you think about it (specially after you’ve watched the video) than it may be some kind of Matrix awaits us sooner than we’ve ever imagined. Looking on progress in computer games alone it seems plausible that in 10…20 years game will be difficult to distinguish from real (what that means anyway?) live.

Konrad Zuse – he invented the world’s first programmable computer. Wow! Not only that – he wrote the Rechnender Raum 1967 (translated into English as Calculating Space). In the book he proposes that universe is emanation of computation performed by some discrete machine. With this he is the first to propose concept of digital physics.

Calculating space is only  57 pages  (65 with afterword) long but it really makes a dent in classical (analog) physics. To give just a glimpse of ideas I paste this table:


Many years later (in 2002) comes out A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram. In some way similar ideas are presented, but this time on ~1200 pages 🙂



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