Your brain at work

I came across this book: I was skeptical at first. I was afraid of “silver bullet” approach – “do this, because I say so, and all will be fantastic”. The book is based on scientific findings though. All findings are accompanied with explanation of inner workings of the brain.

Small stage – only around 4 “person” at one time. Decision – best between two. Limited resources.


Fig. 1

Get things out of the stage – draw, write. Put your ideas on paper/screen to look on then.

Simplify! Analyze simpler blocks and later delve into details.

Make “chunks” from information (try aggregate information into better manageable “containers”), so It will be easier to keep 4 actors on your stage.

“Dual task interference” – what impact on call center employees? Talking with client and preparing offer. Unless one of two things is mechanical (like driving a car) both will lack in quality.

External distractions. Some study – office distractions >2hours/day. 11 minutes – and interruption…Distractions – diverts attention!!! Simple and effective idea – switch off all communication devices! 🙂

The best summary is “SCARF”:


Simply speaking – this is really great book!

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